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Andrei in the office


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The quick update

At 8pm I tried to watch Buffy. Medication today has not really been working.

At 9pm once again I checked temperature. Now I was at 102.8 (This is bad)
New high score!! Bonus Game!

Back to the hospital. I'm starting to recognize them there.

This time we're going to go from Ibuprofen to Tylenol (Shouldn't mess up my stomach and may reduce the allergic reaction) That and adding some Benedryl should help.

Oh, also had a chest x-ray done.

Hey guys...I have Pneumonia!

So.. now I am also on antibiotics. Levaquine to be exact.

Maybe this will help.

More on this tomorrow. I am really tired now

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eww. Sorry to hear it's Pneumonia. That take a long time to get over...

hope you feel better soon.

I'm sorry to hear of your continued illness and hope you make a good recovery. Pneumonia is insidious stuff.

Oww. Yuck. Sorry to hear it! At least now that they know what it is the treatment should start being more effective, I hope.

Dude. Take care of yourself. Keep your cyber-TLC and ether-TLC receptors clean and ready. Get better soon!

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