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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

This is so hot... 5 words...

For those that understand my truest passion...

Bernadette Peters

Mama Rose


OOOH! Shiver!!!!!!!

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Dude, Bernadette Peters is HOT. H_O_T. I think she's the only American chick I would date and for me that's saying a lot. Smokin!

Good to see you have great taste!

Have you seen "Into the Woods" ? Not quite Bernadette Peters hotness, but still

I think there are parts of that show which show Bernadette at the top of her game and hotness. When the witch is revealed into her younger self and the song of appeal she does... I melt.

They had to pull down the lebianistic tones of the love song. But if you read into it, it is so unbelivably passionate.

Very hot

I also suggest "Sunday in the Park with George" (I just bought a Sondheim box set... Yum!!!) and "Pennies from Heaven"

completely irrelevant, but

Auntie Mame is who I aspire to be

News for me: Got a job, caught my meal, found an I-net cafe which won't bankrupt me. TTYS,

Love Jo

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