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MEMEtime: That's your horrorscope for today!?!?

Picked up from a post by jnanacandra who glocked it from one by blk

Your reverse astrology tries to determine your sign by your characteristics.

Red is your most probable sign and White is your least probable sign. The scores are from 0 (not you at all) to 100 (dead on match).

According to our analysis, you are a Aquarius, Jan 20 to Feb 18. But you are certainly not a Cancer, June 22 to July 22. You claim to be a Aries, but you are simply in error. Please consult your parents as to your actual birth date.
AriesMar 21 to April 1954
TaurusApr 20 to May 2055
GeminiMay 21 to Jun 2167
CancerJun 22 to Jul 2251
LeoJul 23 to Aug 2266
VirgoAug 23 to Sep 2262
LibraSep 23 to Oct 2257
ScorpioOct 23 to Nov 2158
Sag.Nov 22 to Dec 2170
Cap.Dec 22 to Jan 1953
Aqu.Jan 20 to Feb 1873
PiscesFeb 19 to Mar 2068

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