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The FLU: The followup

Well, I am back from the hospital. Despite some apparently not too misplaced Jewish anxiety and my usual flair for the overly dramatic, I went to the hospital.

Fortunately, the hospital is across the street from the apartment. (The dentist 2 doors down, the pharmacy next door, the allergist across the street and down 1...all around...I can get there....)

They checked me in.
I was running about 102.1 at the hospital
They gave me:
1 gram of tylenol. That's right, not milligram. One Full Gram.
Some Pepcid...
A shot of Toridol? For the body aches.

Granted, the acid reflux from the anti-histamines was bothersome.

For those that remember the blizzard when I fell down sk4p's steps at Wendover (Yeah, that long ago) For the second time in my life I was treated to a GI-Cocktail. I don't remember all the ingrediants...It was pastel green and had lidocaine. You hash out the fun of that "Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster."

After that I promptly broke into a sweat as the gram of Tylenol (like an army of Jackie Chans) rampaged thru my body.

I was also given some hycodin; which may I add is really tasty (bubble gum --- yum!) And well...it feels really nice. That's for my throat so I stop coughing.

If I sound sort of puerile at the moment.... well, I wanted everyone to know that I'm not dying but I am pleasantly and mildly stoned at the moment :-D

My doctor wrote me a note. I shouldn't fly anywhere for at least 2 days. Boy..is the office not going to be pleased.... :-( I've already mailed them...I'm going to mail them again and call early in the morning.

Happily, I now have an appetite. Eating Noodles and Cottage Cheese (The only milk based product I can still eat ;)

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*gives you some gatorade*

Here in the midwest when we get the flu, we drink Gatorade. It replaces the electrolights your body uses to fight the flu. Also, I take Echinacia (sp?), which is an herb that helps fight colds and the flu. I'm glad you went to the hospital. A fever is nothing to mess with.

Glad to see you were sensible about knowing when you needed outside help. My husband had what seemed like a constant run-in with every type of flu bug out there last year and always waited until he was too dehydrated and delerious to drive. We were in the emergency room three separate times and barely escaped admission because he waited so long. Hope you continue to feel better (and I'm one of werellama's folks in case you were curious).

I hope you are feeling much better! Weird, but when you didn't get back on-line yesterday, I really was worried that something was very wrong. But I wrote it off to silly paranoia...I really should listen to myself sometimes. I am glad you were more sensible than I, and got yourself properly taken care of. I have asked my lady to send you reiki, once I have your permission. I will think good thoughts in the meantime. Take care!

Good to hear that you went and had things taken care of and you're feeling better. Talk to you later today, sweetie.

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