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The FLU: The followup

Well, I am back from the hospital. Despite some apparently not too misplaced Jewish anxiety and my usual flair for the overly dramatic, I went to the hospital.

Fortunately, the hospital is across the street from the apartment. (The dentist 2 doors down, the pharmacy next door, the allergist across the street and down 1...all around...I can get there....)

They checked me in.
I was running about 102.1 at the hospital
They gave me:
1 gram of tylenol. That's right, not milligram. One Full Gram.
Some Pepcid...
A shot of Toridol? For the body aches.

Granted, the acid reflux from the anti-histamines was bothersome.

For those that remember the blizzard when I fell down sk4p's steps at Wendover (Yeah, that long ago) For the second time in my life I was treated to a GI-Cocktail. I don't remember all the ingrediants...It was pastel green and had lidocaine. You hash out the fun of that "Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster."

After that I promptly broke into a sweat as the gram of Tylenol (like an army of Jackie Chans) rampaged thru my body.

I was also given some hycodin; which may I add is really tasty (bubble gum --- yum!) And feels really nice. That's for my throat so I stop coughing.

If I sound sort of puerile at the moment.... well, I wanted everyone to know that I'm not dying but I am pleasantly and mildly stoned at the moment :-D

My doctor wrote me a note. I shouldn't fly anywhere for at least 2 days. the office not going to be pleased.... :-( I've already mailed them...I'm going to mail them again and call early in the morning.

Happily, I now have an appetite. Eating Noodles and Cottage Cheese (The only milk based product I can still eat ;)

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