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I like numbers

From the department of I like numbers....

I have a site meter on my journal page that is shared by my user info page.

The meter is on the right side in my Net Badges section just under my calendar on the Journal. It is somewhere in the middle of my userinfo page. It will also pop up on any single journal entry page.

As of this writing while I sit in a Borders in Glendale, the ticker is at 9,591. It's been running almost as long as I've had the journal. So, I am curious...

Who will get the 10,000th hit on my pages? Now, I'm telling you all this early to be on the lookout. I don't think however, that it's so close to the moment that people will start trying to auto-hit the page to make the number.

I am posting this for anyone who wants to comment as they hit interesting numbers. 9600, 9669, whatever tickles your fancy. But I am curious to see if anyone actuallly hits number 10,000 and comments. (Honesty is appreciated ;)

*Shrugs* That's all for now from Borders. jnanacandra is now going to exact her revenge on me for buying a $120 Sondheim DVD collection earlier. She has 5 books and 4 DVDs she has found and has caused much drool factor.

She does point out that she told me I should get the Sondheim collection because I was valiantly trying to make an honest saving throw against buying it despite much of my own agogness.

Have I mentioned in this forum how much I love her?

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