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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Your neat flash toy of the day: Make it Grow

From Meta Filter

Make it Grow

No hints today. This one is addictive. Post your results, And the order you put things in.


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I don't get it.

I got 4000.

4700. I managed to max out five of the items. I don't remember excatly what order I put then in but I will definitely play with this again when I have more time.

OK, played it 3 times and highest score so far is 6100.

egg turned into a kao ani. That was cool.

11100, and I'm not telling what I saw cause it's way cool.

First time I played I scored 8100. Off to try again...woohooo!

Ooh, I love this. Definitely need to play with more later!

12200. I am an addict now.

Only played once so far... 9400.

Okay we are addicted too.... did get the scores of 12,100 and 11,200.

My my this is evil.

I got to where I couldn't place the block, pipe, or hill correctly, having tried them interchangeably... the rest were maxed out. So I'm stumped. Wah. ;-)

13,500. Only "hill" and "pipe" not maxed...getting close...

Argh. Now cannot get pipe past level 6. Everything else is maxed. (13,900)


I got it. Took many tries where I had all but one piece in place. but very cool.

Very cool. heh

20,000, finally.

I BELIEVE the order was: robot, ladder, egg, sun, mountain, pipe, gear, pinwheel, tornado, dish, rocket, screen.


yay.. finally.. Took me forever. I couldn't get above 7800 for the longest time.

Got it! Won't post the solution, though, so as not to spoil for others. 20,000 points. Whoo-hoo!

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