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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Angel Spoiler (But it's just too damned funny)

Nina: How are you?

Angel: I'm made of felt. And by dose combs ov.
(And my nose comes off)

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I figured that ep would either a) be a new record in funny or b) jump the shark. I was happy to discover that Joss did a) instead. :D

that ep did for muppets what It did for clowns....

Oh gods it was the best episode of the season, perhaps a contentder for the whole series!

Too bad that the idiots at the WB aren't renewing it.

I was kinda hoping Angel would make a crank call.
maybe to a blood bank and ask for withdrawal policies.

For some reason, seeing him dive behind his desk made me laugh hard.

we don't get any channels in my apartment - and we don't have cable. So instead, I download the episodes and watch at will. I think that puts me several behind as far as the season is concerned... but I love the show so much that I'd rather be behind on it than miss out.

And I don't think that was a spoiler... hell - all the damn commercials told as much.

I just happen to have taped last nights episode...

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