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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Blogdex: Network mapping

Found on Blogdex

Here are graphic representations of several different types of mapped networks.


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Re: poor highschoolers

actually did find one blue-blue on the LHS. I did a cursory count, and it looks like leaf nodes are equally likely to be female as male (assuming the pink = XX and blue = XY).

Interestingly enough check out http://www.soc.washington.edu/users/stovel/Chains.pdf (if you haven't already ca. page 16 where they explain (presumably) this graph. It is appearntly interesting b/c 52% of couples were in this clique and the structure was nearly noncyclical.

The high school "friends" map makes me somewhat uncomfortable, as I can imagine being one of those miserable dots not connected to anyone...(Fortunately I wasn't quite in that position.) I wouldn't have been on the other high school chart, though.

you don't understand. this kind of node linking stuff is like porn to me.

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