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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Scientific research: M&M's more efficient than Spheres

Found on a post at blogdex:

It would seem that scientific researchers have discovered that squashed ellipsoids (M&Ms) are more efficient for packing than spheres.

See the whole story at sciencenews.org

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It took 'em this long to figure that out? Seems geometrically obvious to me...

Well, not only that but if you look at the shape of a red blood cell (human at least), it has a very special shape almost like an M&M with a dip in the middle.

Of course the reason it's shaped like this is to get maximum(?) coverage to quickly absorb or release O2 or CO2..(Don't ask me, I'm not a biologist!), and it would also make sense that THAT shape, (flowing in a fluid, of course), minus the dip (actually, they should try the experiment with "red blood cell shaped" objects), would randomly pack better than spheres...

Red blood cells shaped as a sphere wouldn't work as efficiently in regards to O2/CO2, but also might not work or pack as well..

Eh, just a random thought I had I guess. :)

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