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MEMEtime: National Single Person Subjugation Day, Part 2

Lifted from a post by thaisa
When you crib it... credit!

For those that remember this and this from last year...

It's the return of National Single Person Subjugation Day

They've made some interesting changes this year. You can pick as many as you want. Granted once you pick more than 10 unaware victims, your matches are notified of this fact. (I picked about 15)

Also, you get a personalized message sent if they match you and you receive one from them (if they choose to write it) So, I decided to pick people I wanted to send warm fuzzies to. Basically telling them how I feel. I only have to worry if they pick me back ;)

So, if you are so moved.. Here's the site this year:

I'll report back after the 14th... Hopefully by then, I'll be healthy.

Edit:Broke 2 rules. 1) Don't post when sick and unable to pay attention. 2) Don't post when sick and forget to have your love proof read.

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