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Found by a reference post. You just want to write them...

I saw this in a private posting (thus no attribution, but creds to the person who posted it (N ;)

It would seem that Satanbusters, has discovered the true meaning of the now infamous Jackson Breast. It was in fact the "largest black mass" ever as a tribute to Satan.

Here is the article

My only regret is that someone needs to point out to them that they are hosting their site on Earthlink which was founded by Scientologists, which doesn't mix to well with anti-satanists either ;)

Though, I'd like to go on public record of saying that (as an employee of the Orange swirl) since their merger with Mindspring, there is little evidence of any of the Scientology roots still existing in the company.

(My comments are my own and do not represent my company's policies and should not be taken in any way of reflecting anything but humour, the anti-satanists on the other hand... they are just silly.)

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