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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Weird dreams last night

In the past few years I've really been poor about remembering dreams in much detail when I wake up. Last night was no exception. I did however wake up absolutely on time. Feeling pretty much solidly awake and refreshed.

Nonetheless, I know that my dreams were very weird. I do remember a demon of sort trying to rid the world of all evil. He did this while a small half-demon child was trying to escape a hellish nether-region. When the 'spell' was complete the child was very hunan. Right down to the blonde hair. He was still in the hellish nether-region. He was even performing a musical number.

Granted, the demon who was trying to remove evil was still there. This perplexed me.

Stepping away from this, I'll admit two ingredients that probably played a large part in last nights dream. First, I know I am currently going through a large batch on internal, personal, spiritual turmoil. (Yeah, another one of those long posts that will take weeks for me to ever write, and will not make a whole lot of sense to anyone including me when written.) Secondly, H and I did watch about 6 episodes of Soap last night.

Gonna be a long week.

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Have they finally released Soap on DVD? Please say yes.

Weird dreams ... hmm ... Are you menstruating? Have you been eating too many sausage sandwiches right before bed lately? ;~>

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