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I am making a call to everyone of you pimps out there...

So, I am going to utterly embarrass someone. Even and especially with her hovering over me as I type. (Actually on that last line, she bailed because in her own words, "uh-uh, I don't want anything to do with this)

She then went back to her studio to discover the cat has walked across her current work in progress.

Personally, I think jnanacandra is an excellent artist. And I'm not just biased because of my feelings about her. If you haven't seen her work its at Fire Sea Studios. Her latest work is in the Painting section.

So, here is where the pimping comes in.
  • first, go look at her work. Go.. Go. (It's all for sale ;)
  • next, if you like something in her gallery... even if you wouldn't buy it... Make a post in your own journal about it and a link to her site.
  • encourage other people to look at her site.

    Personally, my hope is.. maybe someone in the art field who has far more clout than I don't will see it or refer it to someone important.

    Just my pimpin' for one night.
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