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Mass notes and the weekend

This weekend was a big time OTO for me. On Saturday, I got to run through one of our initiation rituals. I got to be the one running the ritual that night. I am doing that in order to train myself in the hopes of becoming an initiator.

This has a great spiderman-ish wave of, "With great power comes great responsibility"

Doing one of these rituals takes a lot of preparation and work. To anyone who is considering taking that path in the order, I truly recommend going thru the practice. It is a very strong experience both for learning the ritual and learning more about yourself.

Sunday was our regular, monthly, gnostic mass. The priest was elqahar and the priestess was the ever beautiful jnanacandra. We had a first time Deacon and Soror S and phosteres were the children. I got to run music. This was the first time that I'd watched H. perform the mass. At least without actively Priesting for her.

The lovely epiphany accepted my invitation to attend her first mass and she seemed to have a good time. You can tell it was a good mass, because the social nature devolved happily afterwards. Also present were robynne and.... hmmn. Now here's the problem.. I could list his LJ name from his primary account, but he tries to keep that separate from his OTO LJ account. So.. If you want his LJ name and don't remember it... Message me off journal ;)

All in all... A good time had by all. Agape!

(I just wish I'd had better cards dealt)

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