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A fundamental problem with this country

The following comments are random stream of consciousness to get my brain working this morning. It's been a long weekend. I am tired and working on about half speed. I am finding a topic that annoys me in the hopes of jump starting my brain. You've been warned.

Originally, I had parts of this post open and part behind a cut. Sadly, the annoyance of my mood was that the post, "got away from me." I don't type opinion on this level as much because my brain tends to just go galavanting down whatever corridor it finds, much like a 13 year old trying to map a Dungeon with his friends on a Saturday afternoon.

So, behind the cut is what started as an irascible statement about the media tempered by my scathing humour dealing with the real annoyance at our last president. Which of course caused the dominos to fall over in a very strange pattern.

Read if you will, comment if you care. My place my words.

Talked with i_am_lono this morning about the Half-time debicle during the Superbowl. For those that didn't hear... During an MTV produced concert with Janet "Her name is nasty" Jackson and Justin "his career is over" Timberlake which consisted of bumping and grinding, Justin had the original idea to pull off Janet's clothing and expose her breast to the X million viewers.

This was not the debicle...

CBS went, "Oh, my! We had no idea!"
MTV went, "Oh, my! We had no idea!"
the NFL went, "Oh, my! We had no idea!"

The lights went off in the whole stadium. Primarily because in the nose bleed seats you can see a nipple.

When the lights came back up...

Janet went, "Oh, my! I can't believe that happened. I had no idea!"
Justin went, "Huh,,, huh... duh..."
Well something close to that. I believe it consisted of, "Huh, I had no idea that if I pulled off her clothes, she'd be naked underneath" Proving many things about Timberlake all on its own.

The debacle is that any of this crap matters and 3 major organizations, and 2 performers had to lie.

My issues... Okay, how many stadiums have the 'uber switch?' You know, the one that makes it easy to flip off all the lights with no warning. "Oh gosh, she's exposed call 'Malvert the Janitor' on 4A and tell him to throw the light switch?"

The whole affair has the complete feeling of being staged. Right down to the mock horror and the following statements that were issued.

What is the debacle? This country refuses to admit the sexuality that it has. It is a real and palatable force that people feel they can only have if it is surreptitious and lied about.

Personally, I wonder what this country would be like today if under oath Bill Clinton had answered as such:

Did I have sex with Monica Lewinsky? Yes. Yes I did. She's a cow, but she's a minx in bed. Hilary knew. It was her turn last week.

i_am_lono added: "yea... I boned her on the white house lawn... with Hillary giving it to her with a strap on..."

Oh, sure. The country would have been thrown into chaos for about 2 months while the opposition tried to figure out which law would give them reason to drop Clinton then, but at least he wouldn't have purgured himself. Interestingly, and larry Flint will agree; the way things did play out effectively elevated the American Government to the status of the largest distributor of soft-core porn in the world.

...and then I let my mind wander. And the post gets away from me.

We as a people have been shamed. From our puritanical forefathers that were kicked out of England because they were too stuffy and religious for the English (think about that) to our need to regulate homosexuality and scoff because the Joneses just don't find 3 people in bed sufficient.

On the ride into the office (in the office van) I heard a sports commentator complaining that one of the superbowl acts had an "American Flag Poncho." He then went on to state how wrong that was because if the guy didn't have a Poncho that was fashioned to look like an American Flag and had in fact cut a hole out of one then he deserved, "A good ass thrashing."

So, I sit here typing my stream of conscious bile for a society that tries to teach us that thinking independently is now discouraged, that sexuality has to be delivered to the masses surreptitiously and then lied about, and that free speech is fine as long as you agree with the masses.

Now, to be honest. If this whole "Oh, my" situation was planned... I will acquiesce and admit that (in my opinion) it was a dumb thing to do. There is a time and a place to do everything and raising the sexual bar of society (while albeit a noble endeavor) in a forum that has a huge number of children (and I don't mean 15 year olds who've seen far more breasts than some of the 40 years olds in the same audience) is unfair.

If this maneuver was planned (which I personally truly believe) it is the decision makers way of saying, "We know that sexuality is conditioned to get people to follow. And we don't feel you are acclimating your children to sexuality enough so we will do it for you."

Well, golly Andrei. You want public sexuality and yet you don't. WTF?

I want parents to be responsible to their children and to themselves. I want couples to admit to each other that they're scoping out people because they are aroused. I want couples to not have to reassure each other that they love each other. "Real love is never having to say I love you. You say it because you want to because it just is." I want parents to raise children to see sexuality for the beautiful, and divine thing that it is. Granted, I'm weird and thing everything comes from the divine... Yes, even rack-and-pinion steering. (Ask me about my theory about meeting a vampire.)

Children are raised to fear and misunderstand so many things. Sex, Drugs, Barry Manilow. Okay, maybe in that last case, fear is in order. The truth is, scaring someone only creates rebellion and mistrust... Especially after the child finds out, that the tactic was only a ploy. And for those who disagree... How many people remember that magical day when you finally let your parent actually count all the way to 'three' only to discover that the mind horrors were just that.

Stop being afraid. Stop hiding behind half truths because you feel you need to dance and manipulate to get your way. Sometimes... most times.. honesty is better. Because the people who can't deal with honesty from the heart... More often than not are the people you really don't want to be around.

Does this make me a paragon of honesty. Oh, hell no. 5 years ago I too was on the, "Whatever answer to diffuse the situation" It's taken a good five years to start to straighten that mess out. And I could probably list at least 5 journals of people that would either rather see me dead, or fail, or strung out, or just vanish. Translation: I've made bad decisions and stupid mistakes. And I pay for it, by working not to keep doing it.

Americans, you have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is not part of any law. It's a statement of unalienable Rights in the declaration of independence. People love to wave this statement around and explain how it's the law in our country. But it's not. It is however, more dangerous than law. For those who haven't read the text recently (which I know I hadn't) it's a motivation. It's a reason to call for rebellion. The declaration is a list of charges against a man who had corrupted the fairness to mankind for his own needs and ambitions. It calls for the replacement of government when said government no longer seems to be striving to fulfill these needs.

Go to the link. Take a look at the list of atrocities that motivated our forefathers... Do any sound familiar?

At some point, I have to find a topic that annoys me, find a way to break it down and write something meaningful about it ;)

Ah well. :)

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