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A post for my love...

I got to read over a post that is close to the 2 year anniversary of it's original appearance in my life. At the time I read it... I was awestruck and captivated. And had no intention to hit on the person or try to get involved with them. All it really did was fill me with a burst of self confidence that my own dreams weren't wrong, or unacceptable, or unshared by anyone else in the universe....

So for me, this is an anniversary gift of sorts. For the woman I love. For the woman who at the end of February will have had my heart one year.

I open my eyes to the shaft of sunlight streaming in the east window, filtered by the shuddering shadows of pine trees behind our house. A cat or two at my feet, someone warm and comfy next to me. I stretch and get up, mind already busy planning the day ahead.

Someone else (not the someone who was in bed with me) is already in the kitchen making breakfast - offers me scrambled eggs, which I appreciatively accept. It's a warm late September morning, so I go outside to eat on the porch in the sun. The mountains shimmer in haze to the northeast, and south I can just barely make out the imposing outline of Mount Rainier.

As I eat, I think over my daily routine:
a few solid hours of artwork in my studio (northern-lit, warm and spacious - adjoining the computer room so that others are near, but not distracting)
around lunch, a break for errands; bank, post office to mail out print orders, art store
after I get back, some time with some combination of my SOs doing business-y stuff - paperwork, filling orders, updating the web site
around 4 I break for physical activity - practicing bellydancing, or since it's really nice outside I might go for a bike ride. Once or twice a week I drag a friend or three off to the rock gym to go climbing.
Come home, take a shower, relax a bit with a video game or a book. Then dinner.
The evening varies: sometimes I'll do more artwork, others will be social evenings or playing D&D. Every so often we'll go into town for a concert or a show. I have belly dancing class one day a week, or maybe aikido practice. Another night is drum circle.

Weekend activities can include skydiving, roadtripping, rock climbing, ice skating; just relaxing with friends, doing home-improvement-y stuff, playing games, working on some project or other with one or more of my SOs. I have some personal code projects that I spend time on when I can - I'm writing an Alicebot, and also have a couple of small robots running around. Sometimes I squeeze in time to go volunteer at the cat shelter.

My living is made mostly by artwork, but I also help A with his business, doing perl scripting and the like. Unnamed SO #2 (and maybe #3) also work(s) in our businesses, or maybe they go to a Real Job - either way, it's something they enjoy and are happy doing.

We're not rolling in money, but comfortable. The house is open and well-lit, modified and decorated extensively by our family. No children yet, but we're about at the point where it would be practical to consider it.

I'll add in Yoga, and great responsibility and respect in your local OTO group. We ain't doing too bad, my love.

I am so fortunate and happy to be part of your life.

I love you, Heather.

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