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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

MEMEtime: Sigh, you know...

So, today, I looked at MetaFilter and found... something neat, kinda

It's called cryptographever. Effectively what this mechanism does is it strings text out, runs a substitution cypher and then performs bible-code look up.

Thus is finds the hidden message inside text.

I ran it on a few of my posts. On my Binah, the mighty hunter post it found the hidden message, "Destroy Bridges", on my Nifty Neato project it found, "Attack GNU"

In general, kinda ho hum.

So, I copied the text of Liber Oz. (I omitted the copyright note)

Figuring, it'd give me some canned response, I didn't really hold my breath for anything of value. If something rebellious like "Challenge authority" came up, I'd be even less surprised.

Then the universe decided to have a laugh at my expense. The hidden message in Liber Oz was:
The book is red

Other than that... it's a toy. It doesn't really yield much. It has a very limited search vocabulary of 'hidden messages'

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too dang amusing. I dumped in a few of my own LJ posts but most came up with "no hidden message found". I just dumped a pissed-off answer email from the depths of my email vault, the hidden message? "the bird is flying" Bwaahaahaahaahaa! That's too dang funny, and here all along I thought the message was "this bird's for you". I shall giggle myself to sleep tonight. Thanks!

da rosez

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