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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Gripe moan vent...

When did "No Cheese" become the international neon sign that reads, "Please, F*&#-UP my order and by the way.. make sure there is cheese on it?"

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I have said before that I feel you? When I say light cheese, I always get extra cheese. When I say no cheese, I always get extra cheese.

I used to work in fast food. There were quite a few people who would come to work high or with a bottle of "Gatorade"

One of the reasons I quit my fast food job cause I got so frustrated! It's not rocket science! It was hard to soar with anything (I would have settled for vultures at the time) when you're surrounded by turkeys.

As someone who tends to order my food the way I like it rather than how it's on the menu, I feel your pain.

But I simply can't concieve of pizza without the cheesey goodness. Cheese is the essence of the pizza for me.

Great, now I'm craving UNO's pizza and I can't afford any. heh It's all your fault.

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