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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Today's Political Incorrectness

I came to the realization that Womyn is a misspelling.

I came to this conclusion not because it opts to remove the 'a/e' from man/men to make it less tied to the gender. My issue is the choice to use 'y.' It would seem if one is trying to sever all connections to the y chromosome. Than the proper spelling for the double x endowed would be:


Another message from the coalition for the equality and partnership of the genders.

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Oh, I like that spelling.

This reminds me of a folk group that I love. They made fun of a lot of things and nothing was off-limits to them. They have many good songs, most from the 80s.

Some of their better titles (that I can remember off the top of my sick head) include:

Penis Envy
Boys Want Sex in the Morning
Womb for Rent

This is just a small sampling of their very entertaining songs. One of their last albums was called Myn Ynd Wymyn which included a song called Womyn with a Y.

You can find their stuff and the words to their songs here: http://www.yellowtailrecords.com/ub/ub.htm

They're most funny and entertaining.

Oh yeah, and the thing is, most of the really good songs were written by the guy in the group. (Uncle Bonsai = 1 guy + 2 girls)--excellent musicians and singers

Aha...I have heard of Boys Want Sex in the Morning (actually I've heard a wicked parody of it) but not their other stuff, and never knew the name of the band.

They seem filkish...I must inquire...

hehe. That is the best way I've seen it put.
I always thought that spelling was hilarious, because people think that by spelling it that way, they are dissociating themselves from men. When in actuality, the word comes from human. So, they're dissociating themselves from humanity?

LOL! That's too funny! :D

I don't understand why one would want to (or how one could) create a gender-specific term that is dissacociated from gender?

thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank yyyyou!

I love finding excuses for why the "y" is GLARINGLY WRONG!!! I don't think "womyn" is even vaguely empowering as it is a separatist term for sure. Um, gee, we need another term to separate ourselves further from the whole ... about as much as a hole in the head! (no offense intended to any myn reading this who might happen to have a P.A. ... got pics? 8-) )

Personally, I always take giggles when them thar womb-people take the time to write "hystory" rather than "herstory" Herstory is just unadulterated annoying as hell, but hystory having linkage to hysteria and even hysterectomy, seems just a wee bit more on kilter. I think women that need to separate themselves from the rest of Homo sapiens sapiens ARE hysterical! I have no desire to separate myself as something other than human. Thanks, history is fine for me and women are even better, though I won't say no to an enflaming flicker of Hadit's flame every now and again ;~> Those hersterical femy-nazis don't know what they're missing ... Nothing like a little dissolution every now and again...

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