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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Advance warning...

I haven't posted a lot lately...

And nobody seemed to get my Kip Adotta reference.

Must be time to start posting things of substance again.

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Things Of Substance

Not that you asked, but the line I heard in my head after that was, "All in favor?"

So here's my "Aye!"

~ E.

And P.S. - I have no clue who Kip Adotta is, but if I did, what would I have won?

I actually did, was just too busy to comment at the time.

I also find it terribly ironic that Brooks is now famous for the fish movie, and Adotta's only tiny claim to fame was the minor novelty song he did with puns about fish names.

Wait...is Kip Adotta the guy who did "Wet Dream"?

The character in "Wet Dream" as well as in "Finding Nemo" was named "Marlin"

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