Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

Kill, kill, kill: A pizza followup

I realize I must be fussy. My one night alone at home. I ordered the pizza, "Sausage, Green Pepper, Mushroom, and NO CHEESE." This last part I mentioned at least 3 times. I also asked them to ring my doorbell as I might not see them.

So, 40 minutes after my call. I hear. "Um... Hello?"
I go to the window to see a guy waving at me. I attempt to explain the small medium thing... He doesn't get it.

I sign the receipt.
I look at the pizza
I take the receipt back and send the guy off with the pizza.
I call back. They said they'd try to have another one back in 20 minutes.
No refunds or discounts mentioned... just they'd try to have another one in 20 minutes.

And the voice of Tyler Durdan rings in my ears, "Clean food please"

I will manage to forget the receipt when the pizza comes back. If he asks for it...


I shouldn't deal with people when I've skipped lunch.


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