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And the daily Mac nominations for the Darwin Awards

First off there is WinExposé

A company has developed and is selling an Apple technology for Windows. They didn't even opt to change the names. We'll judge the success of this product on whether or not they paid for the patent rights. If not... expect this company and product to be gone within 2 months.

And from the desk of fuego who does tech support for the Mac: I get this call from a woman wanting to know where the solitaire game was on her computer...I tell her that Macs don't ship with solitaire, but it can be downloaded all over the internet. She asks me to walk her through downloading because she doesn't know how to download, then she changes her mind and says she's not sure she made the right descision buying a mac if it doesn't come with solitaire.

she's seriously thinking about taking the computer back (she only got it yesterday)

Ladies and Gentleman. Let me make my first recommendation that this person does in fact need a Dell. It's all about Solitaire.

I wonder how many Mac users we'll lose when they find out we don't package Minesweeper by default either.

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