April 3rd, 2009

Andrei in the office

Daily Twittering

  • 06:11 Ramkota, Sioux Falls, Best Western. Has an indoor water park. Must come back when not rushing across the country. Very nice hotel! #
  • 06:18 twitpic.com/2ptn1 - I think it may be time to get the boy a haircut... #
  • 06:20 @stevier We left Sunday evening but made a short trip of it. We've been keeping it under 8 hrs of drive time per day due to Aiden. (more...) #
  • 06:22 @stevier We should hit St. Louis this evening. #
  • 06:32 @mnoel2 another soul lost to K&R #
  • 06:40 twitpic.com/2pugh - I have had tea. Good morning. GPS location: is.gd/qhNy #
  • 08:00 @outdoorcampus I wish I'd been able to stay long enough to enjoy it. #
  • 08:09 We are close to the fictitious state of Iowa. I guess it's about to be proven to me as actually real. GPS location: is.gd/qjcW #
  • 08:32 For the record, there was no " Welcome to #Iowa " sign. This does not allay my disbelief. GPS location: is.gd/qjtb #
  • 11:06 Council Bluffs, IA. Could not find food anywhere except harrah's casino. GPS location: is.gd/ql5i #
  • 15:18 @moon_ferret Heya, Drop a line if you'd like to rally any troops to help strangers unload a van at a future S00j concert venue! #
  • 15:49 Boonville MO. Last driving switch. Next stop near the house. Driving soon #
  • 18:05 It is 8pm central time. We are in the St Louis area at our final hotel. 15 minutes from a house we will call ours tomorrow #
  • 21:08 @RealAnnieDuke I reccomend twittleator #
  • 21:14 Boy down. Finally finished dinner. GPS location: is.gd/qruG #
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