March 22nd, 2009

Andrei in the office

Daily Twittering

  • 04:33 Been up 30 minutes. ZOMG EARLY! Productive, if stressful week. Now to the gas station, bank, car rental place, and 9 am-ish flight. Whee! :o #
  • 07:08 Stressful week of house hunting. On the plane that is cuurently boarding. Nobody killed anyone else. Yet. Don't know how this week will be. #
  • 07:13 - I hate the flight industry. Comfort and customer service are at the same level as metro bus service. Tired, c ... #
  • 11:23 the family returns for our last 7 days as west coasters. Let the frenetic packing begin!!! #
  • 20:08 I am exceedingly spent from the week. But there is a lease, a nice house, and a light at the end of the 2400 mile tunnel ahead. Hug Plez Nau #
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Andrei in the office

Call for help: Packing / cleaning / loading

The question was put to me: "What time this week would you like help packing"

My intent this week is to have the truck loaded by Saturday night when I go to sleep.

As a result... I can use extra hands for pakcing, cleaning, trashing, boxing... 24/7 from now until I close the truck.

That's right. Anyone wants to come by, there's work I can put them to. I'll feed you and give you lots of drinks. But We need the hands. More as the week goes on. All hands on deck from Friday evening until we shut the truck on Saturday.

Please consider dropping by... As this will be likely the last time you see us for a while, possibly ever in some cases.

We'd love to see you (and have you work for us ;) )

Email, call, comment, or anything. Drop by :)