March 5th, 2009

Andrei in the office

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  • 07:32 Day 3 of the StL transition. Lipid report from doc and 2 prof. Move estimates. And still stomach crampy to ALL hell. Sigh. Long day ahead.  #
  • 09:02 New post up: Moving status: Call for Help - #
  • 10:41 Listening on the radio to 500 Miles by the Proclaimers. The "Akbar and Jeff" of pop music for anyone who remembers THAT reference. #
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Andrei in the office

T-29 days and counting: Calendar!!!!

Crazy? Naaaaah!

I have put up our public calendar on GCal at (Gods, I love! The full link realllly SUCKS!)

We have solid move dates. We are packing a 26ish foot truck with everything except the piano over the weekend of the 27th-29th. Hopefully we're done late Saturday, Early Sunday. As we must to be doing a huge clean as well.

We pull out Monday and then unpack in St. Louis (at an address we don't even have yet!) the following weekend April 3rd thru 5th. (Yeah.. happy b'day me :-/ )

Please look at our schedule. It'll give you an idea when to drop by to help box, take stuff away (We gots furniture) and of course.. moving day where we need as many folks as we can muster. (We'll be getting rid of a 1/2 tonne of alcohol and food that day and wall to wall snacks.)

For those of you that we barely know on the StL side... We need to muster help too. We'll be unloading everything and will have the remaining 1/2 tonne of alcohol and pizza and other stuph. Any help and suggestions are welcomed. What better way to meet new people than to see them at their worst while you unload their stuff!?!?

Forthcoming will be a web page with the stuff we are getting rid of that people can come and claim. Often for the price of you getting it out of the house.

More coming. Now an hour behind on everything.


(Both an expression of chaos and a random call out for no reason to one of the people in the universe I hold very dear in my heart)

Off for a box run