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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

what is that?

A look inside Andrei's pop culture addled brain

Today Aiden was playing in front of his growth chart (a post still overdue)...

H commented, "Look at you... you're tall! And Growing!"

I replied, "10, 000 strong"

The comment made no sense to anyone in the room but me...

Sadly.. the response I wanted did not manifest.

Any guesses what that response I wanted was?

Andrei in the office

I am a Heterosexual man and I support this message

Taken from bipolypagangeek of which I am only a minus one.

Keith Olberman speaks on Prop 8

Transcription behind the cut...Collapse )

If this touches you, post it in your own Journal and everywhere else you think is appropriate. The passage of Prop 8 and the other bills of its ilk are a TRAVESTY, a shameful MOCKERY of everything this country is supposed to be about. And the bigots who voted for them need to hear it.