November 5th, 2008

Hallloween06Vendetta, vendetta

Words for a new day

Last night the people of the USA spoke.
Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, and now Indiana.
States that often represent the quiet minority

Many have felt that government has been broken for quite some time.
That government no longer cares about its people.
That as a nation we had lost our way.

Last evening the nation spoke. It didn't speak in one voice, but it spoke enough, to change.

I thank jagienka for the words I try to post every year. Words that mean just a little more today than even the wealth of what they carried in the past:

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To which I also want to add one other piece of writing dear to my heart. It expresses how I feel about our new President-Elect and the people who rallied and braved opposition for him. But mostly, it's to those that cast a vote for him:

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Andrei in the office

RIP Michael Chrichton

Science Fiction Author Michael Chrichton died unexpectedly Tuesday.

Chrichton was the author of a few of my favourite stories including "The Andromeda Strain."

His eulogy will none the less involve far too much scientific detail and not get around to the actual cause of death until about 2 hours in. Regardless of not comprehending any of this, his Eulogy will be fascinating.