July 3rd, 2008


When I say, "Obscure" I MEAN Obscure

Last evening I was YouTube surfing. I came across some old 70's game shows. I was a VORACIOUS game show fan in the 70's.

"Match Game", "Gambit", "High Rollers", "Now You See It", "Jackpot", "Password", "$foo Pyramid", "Gong Show", "Joker's Wild"... And the real "Wheel of Fortune" with Chuck Woolery, Susan Stafford, and buying ceramic dalmatians and putting the rest on a Gift Certificate.

I ate this stuff up.

One in particular was "Treasure Hunt." A really trashy show from the mind of Chuck Barris. (Which should make that statement redundant).
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The show was undeniably exploitation for entertainment purposes.
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And of course because I LOVE the obscure... I've faithfuly recreated a fan page for Mr. Autouri on Facebook.

Below is a YouTube exploration in abject stoicism. Back when Game Shows did fun things.