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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

08:53 am: My Choices for Doctor 11  6 comments
09:06 am: Test posting  5 comments
06:35 am: The beta test: Answers  6 comments
03:51 pm: Perhaps, the email should be rethought.  3 comments
06:08 pm: Obama crosses magic number  3 comments
09:23 pm: Oh, it so doesn't help that I'm a parent  1 comment
07:15 am: An advert: Utterly hooked  2 comments
08:32 am: An anecdote  2 comments
11:21 am: Yes there will be Freeple Whoing  3 comments
04:47 pm: Andrei, welcome to your surreal weekend  1 comment
05:17 pm: Putting my money (and yours) to work
03:08 am: Poor, poor boy  5 comments
11:46 am: A piece of my childhood: Jim McKay passes at 86  1 comment
10:16 am: Memetime: Why do I bother  1 comment
06:17 pm: Hello East Coasters: Crucible - First Call  7 comments
08:58 pm: To anyone who has read Lon Duquette or knows Goetia  5 comments
06:24 am: He brings me so many nifty joys and woes  4 comments
05:00 pm: The perpetrator was a 40 yr old caucasian male  5 comments
06:12 am: I know at least one person who theoretically reads this journal...  7 comments
05:42 am: This would have ben more impressive 90 minutes ago.  6 comments
08:46 am: If I had a dollar...  9 comments
04:44 pm: Quote overheard at the Airport  2 comments
10:47 am: All those Whos down in WhoVille  3 comments
09:59 pm: Fun facts: Things I knew as a kid but utterly forgot.  1 comment
10:36 pm: Tradition!!!! Yes, Andrei was really raised Jewish  15 comments
03:25 pm: Memetime: Take the Avatar Challenge  5 comments
07:14 pm: Well, then... I guess he was born in Capitol Hill  5 comments
08:20 pm: Okay Cinema Buffs.... Trivia Time  1 comment
06:08 pm: BAD DAY! Blues Song: Uranus Retrograde: F'ing Seahawks Fans  14 comments