April 1st, 2008

15 months, cute

Post the first, april the first... Sleep experiments

I haven't decided if I'm playing yet. So.. the current status is no.

So, this morning I have been swamped with IMs... How did it go?

Well, the good was that Aiden stayed asleep in his bed for several hours. I'd put a gate up at the end of the bedroom corridor and a 2nd gate in the open doorway of the master bedroom.

And then daddy genes kicked in. Is it too cold in his room. Is he sleeping okay? What if the gate comes down? Will he fall down the kitchen stairs to the basement.

That's right... he slept... I didn't.

Somewhere between midnight and 1 I heard the crying. I suppose this is good because it would inevitably lead to me getting more sleep.

I wandered into his room. He was sitting up in bed crying. The "Where is everyone? Why is it dark?" cry. I picked him up. He quickly went limp on my shoulder. I moved the night light from the corridor back to the bathroom. I took down the gates. I got into bed. And he promptly climbed onto jnanacandra's head.

At least she'd gotten a good couple of hours sleep going in as well.

So.. experiment 1 went as expected with the side effect of me suffering result anxiety.

Whether we try again tonight I'll have to contemplate. This will probably occur at work and be followed by my office-mate waking me up.

Onward and upwards
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Bunny Thwump

April: 1 - Postings: 2

As mentioned earlier this morning... It is in fact... April 1st

I'm not entirely sure I want to actively participate today.

So... I've decided to keep a running log of what I've seen today.

Please feel free to contribute your findings on the net in the comments. If you want to follow the list (which will be edited throughout the day, you'll want to track the post (the thumbtack icon) Collapse )
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