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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Well, we knew it was going to be ugly

When I entered the Washington Caucus I did so firmly as an undecided member choosing to support the Democratic Party.

I was so firm in my stance I was prepared (if necessary) to stand as an 'undecided delegate' in the conference. I acknowledge the amount of pressure from both sides of the democratic campaign that this would open me to.

At my caucus location, people were unimaginably supportive. Yes there was a vocal majority of Obama supporters. The Clinton supporters (while numbering less) were no less vocal of their support.

Yet, despite this there was NO pressure on me to pick a candidate. Everyone who was familiar with the caucus process were united in one stance. Showing those of us unfamiliar how the process worked. Everyone had a fair time to speak. I was even given time to speak on why I was undecided in the event people who'd moved to a candidate felt they were actually undecided.

But now, I am supporting Obama.

To me this doesn't just mean supporting my candidate. It means supporting a fair, legal, and (dare I say it) honest election process.

Today I read an article from a Clinton supporter who was at the time of the Washington Caucus undecided in her opinion. Her reasons matched mine.

Unfortunately, her blog post got ugly.Collapse )