February 21st, 2008

Andrei in the office

Meme: Oh my

I'm just going to put this up as is... Um... I know at least one person who will get a laugh at it

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You wake up in the morning next to: dryadsidhe
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...and then: hugs you for ever and ever until you die
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And then there was filk...

This filk is called "Go Away Snot Boy" - It is a filk of S. J. Tucker's amazing "Go Away God Boy"

(Now Public)

Some notes on this filk:

This filk is tied to the version of "Go Away God Boy" as performed on Sirens.
It scans great to that version. It doesn't do as well to the published lyrics on S.J.'s site.

Two things about the chorus.
1st. There is a note (cough). The performer should actually cough on this beat. (Yeah it's fast.)
2nd. The third line of the chorus changes each of the three times it's sung. Insert the changes as noted.

Liberties taken: Just make 'shambling starspawned' work as best you can. It'll fit if you try
Dies should be pronounced in this song as one syllable. Yes I know it is two.. Just deal.

Finally. There is a place where you can entirely freeform. It's marked with ** with notes at the bottom.
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