February 11th, 2008

Andrei in the office


When I was a kid (and I mean 'kid') I was writing a story called "The Bridge" At the time it was (to me) a neat concept. While the media hadn't been created yet, it was one part "Tomorrow People" one part "Doctor Who" one part "Quantum Leap". Interestingly at the time I'd written it only Doctor Who existed.

As jnanacandra can tell you; I've never considered writing my forte. Most of my posts over 1000 words often have to go through her to be converted from Andrei into English.

In college, I went into Directing because.
-I didn't have the talent to do sets, costumes, or makeup beyond a passable level.
-I didn't have the looks or business-machine callous destructiveness to be an actor.

But most assuredly... I never really thought I had it in me to really be a writer.
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