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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

12:50 pm: Health update  4 comments
02:01 pm: I love the net...  3 comments
11:06 pm: A DST Story
11:16 pm: And before midnight on this 3rd day of the month  1 comment
03:49 am: And I ask myself... why the hell am I up?
01:29 pm: I am from Pittsburgh... I live in Seattle  2 comments
02:04 pm: Advertising hatred: I may stop using my debit card  18 comments
09:52 pm: NO NO NO, WRONG WRONG WRONG  5 comments
09:22 am: Remember... remember  11 comments
06:33 pm: November means LJ features  3 comments
06:39 pm: Facebook: It really works
08:31 am: Quote seen on line...
02:56 pm: WGA Strike: I miss the Daily Show
03:14 pm: WGA Strike: And while I'm at it...
04:19 pm: Doctor Who, Time Crash (Children in Need)  3 comments
05:20 pm: Perhaps I should explain...  1 comment
07:26 am: And before the Beeb pulls it.... Doctor Who  9 comments
07:41 am: Let them not say I don't have the holiday spirit  1 comment
09:59 am: Torchwood Series 2 on BBC America
01:32 pm: Memetime: Okay... "Me Too" avatars  5 comments
10:25 am: As is per my tradition... Enjoying your turkey  4 comments
05:22 pm: Facebook... An interesting read...
05:44 pm: And in case you missed dessert  2 comments
07:05 pm: So how to spend your Free Friday?  6 comments
10:32 am: Self discipline tests and health news  12 comments
02:05 pm: New change to that IM thing
08:02 am: Weird dreams  3 comments
09:49 am: They brought tasty sweets to the office...  3 comments
01:15 pm: Because you know you want it...  6 comments
10:43 pm: I've been watching "House"  10 comments
11:00 pm: Okay one more... I've been here.  2 comments
02:35 pm: Wow, TWO in one week  6 comments
01:39 pm: It's been a while, so it's controversy time.  7 comments
04:08 pm: My IM is not your soapbox. My blog is MY soapbox.
08:39 pm: FIlm Juxtapositioning  7 comments