October 19th, 2007

Heed my Will

A reminder: Call for Moving help this weekend

This weekend is our big push.

The boxing has been incredibly reduced to friends in Clan Sidhefire (THANK YOU sidhefire for the truck, and also to mlerules and delerium3) as well as some massive help from the ATC (Blessings to darkzelda98011 and moon_goat) as well as L (who's LJ I do not know).

We are starting at about 9:30ish Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday we are working until about 6ish. Dinnering and off to D's annual.

Sunday we will have the U-Haul for anything that is left (we're really hoping that we actually won't need it... but better safe than sorry.)

Sunday we're working from 9:30ish... until we're done. (Which I hope will be 7 ish... as there is a celebration in the box laden house planned.

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