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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

09:36 am: Voice Post: July 4th, morning voice post, and Gismo  2 comments
08:47 am: A loved one...  8 comments
10:36 am: It was bound to happen  1 comment
08:14 am: Happiest of Lesser Feasts
12:40 pm: I think even Rob Paravonian might approve  7 comments
01:03 pm: I'm just posting a link... that's all  8 comments
11:26 am: I had a good day yesterday  3 comments
07:07 pm: Important Parenting Notes: The Phone  6 comments
07:36 am: Not merely Triskaidekaphobia... Paraskavedekatriaphobia  4 comments
09:02 am: Okay that was weird...  1 comment
12:06 pm: Administrivia time: Yup, it's prune the filters time  9 comments
03:59 pm: Yeah... um.. party  4 comments
11:16 am: And while I'm thinkin'... MemeTime  2 comments
11:50 am: I'm a math geek  5 comments
01:53 pm: Voice Post  1 comment
02:45 pm: Voice Post  1 comment
04:39 pm: Faeriewolds Part 3: The network is fixed
06:33 pm: Wow... lots of FW entries on approach and then... zilch  3 comments
08:47 am: But before it fades: It was called "Bethany {Something}  1 comment
03:05 pm: Posting at 80mph....  1 comment
07:21 am: Massive Catchup
02:36 pm: Yeah, really I'm insane... Blogathon  3 comments
07:29 pm: MemeTime... What am I?
08:26 am: Highlight of the evening  4 comments
06:55 am: ROCK ON! SPOCK ON... HEROES  4 comments
05:59 am: Good morning, starshine... the Earth says hello  9 comments
06:28 am: Pacing myself...  1 comment
06:40 am: Extra: LJ Blogathon folks that I subscribe to
06:59 am: ADD and minor distractions...  1 comment
07:29 am: Damning my brain...  1 comment
07:58 am: Gah... Maybe TV is not the answer for distraction  3 comments
08:28 am: I realize this is a short one.. but I'm soliciting opinions  15 comments
08:59 am: So the good, the bad and the ugly...  1 comment
09:29 am: On the nature of parenthood... AAAAGH  1 comment
09:58 am: Unfortunately, all my posts today are to be public
10:06 am: Voice Post:  2 comments
10:29 am: What is God? Um.. to me... (Part 1)  3 comments
11:00 am: Meta updates and another short inquiry... Facebook  6 comments
11:29 am: Some notes about the 10:05 extra post
11:34 am: not on the half hour extra... Paraphrased Quote  4 comments
12:00 pm: What is God? Um... to me... (Part 2)  3 comments
12:09 pm: not on the half mini----
12:29 pm: Gah! Running around the house...
12:31 pm: Voice Post
12:58 pm: Voice Post:
01:19 pm: my cell phone is crap
01:43 pm: Voice Post:
01:44 pm: Voice Post:
01:58 pm: Voice Post:
02:10 pm: ooh. lj mobile post
02:31 pm: 2:30 and on the road still
02:45 pm: and now we have ink  2 comments
02:56 pm: Voice Post:
02:59 pm: just for the record...  2 comments
03:27 pm: Home again, home again, jiggety-jig-jig
04:01 pm: How about some depth...
04:29 pm: What is God... Um to me... (Part the third)  4 comments
04:56 pm: Administrivia time: filter time for a big audience  2 comments
05:01 pm: Almost at the halfway point  2 comments
05:13 pm: Something I'd post outside Blogathon  2 comments
05:29 pm: When fatigue sets in...
05:40 pm: More Whedonesque info from Comic-con
05:59 pm: 12 hours and nothing to show for it.
06:30 pm: A Blogathon Bribe... because everyone is finding ways to sweeten the pot
06:59 pm: Blogathon.. My obligatory Youtube post  4 comments
07:30 pm: Um, dude... We passed $360
07:48 pm: Going mild...
07:59 pm: Watching Doctor Who
08:29 pm: More of Doctor who... more quiet times  7 comments
08:59 pm: And now we move on...  3 comments
09:30 pm: Doctor Who the new series  2 comments
10:00 pm: Blogathon: SHOULD I MAKE AN EXCEPTION?
10:17 pm: It is now time...  3 comments
10:28 pm: Brain Freeze and things that go crunch in my brain
10:43 pm: Looks at the time... it's 1:45 eastern...  1 comment
11:02 pm: What's in a name
11:17 pm: There goes my main support  1 comment
11:30 pm: Kinda strange...
11:38 pm: Planned Parenthood update
12:00 am: Welcome to Sunday... 6 hours left.. The long ones  1 comment
12:10 am: What is your wild animal?  2 comments
12:29 am: S&F Post up next
12:34 am: Update
12:37 am: Disturbing...  1 comment
12:41 am: And a followup  2 comments
12:59 am: S&F Post up next
01:32 am: Making Teas  3 comments
01:51 am: Well, Damn.. Thank you Blogathon  18 comments
02:00 am: 2am short cut
02:29 am: Short post to show I'm still going
02:35 am: Too funny
02:41 am: S&F Post up next
02:50 am: Memetime: This is weird.  2 comments
03:02 am: Many comments from late night owls.  1 comment
03:29 am: S&F Post up next
03:53 am: Were this a work day.. I'd be waking up now.
04:00 am: And just a note...  5 comments
04:31 am: We're into double digits. 90 minutes left.
05:00 am: Blogathon 2007: 2 + 1 remain  1 comment
05:17 am: 5:16 am
05:28 am: Officially, this is the last one.. But there's one more I'll make
06:00 am: It was 24 hours ago.  3 comments
08:47 pm: Here's a stupid question...  16 comments
10:44 am: From the department of "When it rains it pours"  5 comments
04:46 pm: My Boy's a F*#&in' Genius!  13 comments