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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

Andrei in the office

Not sure if ithis is ever appropriate

I've never been one for the Commercialization of holidays.

"Hallmark Holidays" kinda twig me. The concept that President's Day is specifically a day to get great deals on used cars, kinda makes me sick....

That being said... I suppose I should acknowledge that this day becomes different for me. My father having passed a few years back now, the family responsibility to become mildly curmudgeonly today becomes mine.

So, I should continue the tradition by sharing a moment from one of my father's favourite films.

Below the cut is a piece of footage that made him very happy. I'd make a comment that it is Not safe for work... But it is... It's just not really safe for anything else. It's just disturbing. :)

So to all the other dads out there (shudder in self realization), and the ones that are soon to be (waves to H.S.) This one's for all of you. But specifically it's for my dad. It made him happy. He was a strange man.

It's father's dayCollapse )

Andrei in the office

Hardware secrets revealed

From a post by intralimina:

A japanese site (done in flash) that provides a microscope into your browser explaining exactly how the cursor really works. Make sure you drag thru and around the microscope circle, clicking and double clicking to see how the technology of your browser really works.