June 15th, 2007

Andrei in the office

Fun Avatars

I have been on the search for a good online avatar.

Most online avatars never quite get to where I want. I suppose it's because I have that combination "NOT A MULLET" hair and a vaguely Tevye-esque face. Don't get me started on the Chinese Master beard.

An early attempt brought me an icon that looks more like azadio

So yesterday I found a new service... They are doing animated avatars (for a charge) that are based on digitizing pictures of you. Everything from nose to chin are pretty much photo realistic. The eyes are close. The forehead... generic. Then you slap on one of the chosen hairstyles. They add a business suit (male or female)

The results... sometimes spooky, sometimes.. not too bad... sometimes.. .just awful.

This is a small version of mine:

I've put larger versions of this and some others that I've done behind the cut. (Teaser: including aiden_freeman at about 4.)

If you'd like me to do one for you all I need is a good face shot of you:
    Neutral background is best
    Neutral expression is best
    Full front on face
    Balanced lighting
    At least 250 px to a side

But if you're interested, comment and we'll try any picture you have.

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