April 9th, 2007

Gnostics go PING!

Heroes Theories

I have read comic books for too damned long for my own good.

Somewhere in history around the beginning of season 6 of Buffy (in a post I can not find) I wrote about the upcoming season 6:

It's gotta be Willow this year. She's just too damned strong. But something is going to drive her over the edge. Probably one of the 3 geeks will injure/kill tara. We know how well Willow deals when she loses someone... It's usually magick and it's bad. You'll get some killer Buffy vs. Big Bad Willow stuff going on. Now if I were writing it. I'd have Xander be the one who saves the day. Not buffy. He's known Willow the longest. He can get right into the core of who she is no matter what they do to "big-bad-ify" her.

This little pronouncement got me invited at my first DragonCon to sit on a few Buffy panels concerning Story Arc.

Currently, my favourite show hands down is Doctor Who. This post. Has nothing to do with Doctor Who.

My second favourite show, on the other hand is "Heroes"

Heroes has some amazing writing that just happens to be all interwoven sooper sekrit arc.

Today after being given a small hint... My mind blew up and I came up with some very strong theories.

If you are not watching Heroes... (Well you should)... If you are watching it and don't like spoilers/theories... you really don't want to click ahead... But in general... I have an idea.

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