April 2nd, 2007

Gnostics go PING!

Oh, my gods the pain...

Thank you soooooo much to gwywnnydd for this link:

There was a time long ago... when a Goddess names Carol Burnett owned Television.

The process was very simple. Carol would do a 7pm and 9pm taping.

At 7pm they would follow the script and then at 9...well, all bets were off.

They would depart from the script and see what they could do to make it funnier, or at least throw the other actors.

There was a time not quite so long ago that a man named Robin Williams came along.

And one day, these two met on the stage of battle.

Round 1 went to Carol's Keening.... Round 2 went to Robin's ol' Spiritual.

But the viewers were definitely the victors.

Enslin Torso

A very nice dinner

Gracious thanks to jnanacandra who planned dinner tonight.

She and aiden_freeman and elocinnuala took me for Sushi to celebrate. jnanacandra also surprised me by having vixenesque93 and glitch25 show up as well without telling me.

So a nice night all around. And we heartily conquered the onslaught of fish :)

I'm liking the way this solar year may be shaping up.

Edit: corrected first sentence into English.