February 14th, 2007

Andrei in the office

Administrivia time: Cathcing up

So every 4-8 months I try to post this.

I sometimes (well, rarely) make posts to filters. These filters are things that just will not make the main public page... ever.

Unfortunately if you want to be on these filters you have to do 5 things.

1) Have a livejournal account. (Which makes me feel really bad for Cindee until she hunkers down and bites the bullet.) {Your Auntie Andrei will always love you.}

2) Go to my Administrivia posting which describes my filters (at least the ones I want people to know about)

3) Check off the ones you would like to be on. (Or off if you're a bored old timer.)

4) Make a comment to that post that you've made selections. (You don't need to say in the comments which ones you've chosen. Actually for privacy, you probably shouldn't. I can read it in the poll) But commenting tells me to look at the poll for your current list.

5) Important: Don't be disappointed if you don't see anything. Some of the filters are used rarely. Some you won't be put on just for asking. (OTO for example requires me to know that you're an initiate.)

Sounds like a lot.. But it keeps me just that inch further away from insanity.

Thanks! **Waves**
Andrei in the office

Recently I was asked...

Recently I was asked about my writing on the topic of Thelema. I'd made a lengthy post about it almost 4 years ago.

(looks back) Dear heavens! This journal turned 5 years old on October 18th. W00t


The post talks about some basic views I have (note: I have.. my views... all mine... can't claim they're right for anyone but me.) um.. of Thelema.

Please enjoy. :)
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