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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Oh, I have to post...

I really am happy I'm on weirdjews. I don't participate in the forum but I learn a lot.

At this year's Easter Bonnet Competition there was a collaborative performance by the casts of Fiddler on the Roof and Avenue Q. The result was a satire called Avenue Jew. For those who are extreme Q-vians (with all due respect to the good Doctor), the Q cast members included the current Broadway stars as well as Lyon and Tartaglia.

The script and article of the satire can be found in a recent online article in Playbill. It is stunningly written. And phenomenally funny to watch. Watch? Oh yes. Beyond the first cut (first?) is the YouTube link to the footage of this performance. Though has been requested, I should give the Pepsi Warning. There are many spit take moments in the footage

If I were a puppet! Oi!Collapse )

One other link to Youtube for Avenue Q fans. The BBC running a fund raiser on the local telly had the British Avenue Q cast come in to perform "Sucks to be me". Note the interesting casting of Gary.

But of all the media sensations to have truly gotten a grip on me of late. I have succumbed to "Heroes"

What is Heroes? A soap opera? Another Lost? Sure, Yes, No, Not at all, Completely.

Heroes reminds me about what I loved about Whedon's Buffy and JMS's first 3 1/2 seasons of Babalon 5. Amazing characters telling human stories of fantastic occurances that all intertwine with complex arcs and hidden symbolism.

The current arc has been following one catch phrase, "Save the Cheerleader. Save the World" In 4 weeks there are t-shirts everywhere with this. For people that have been watching the show I have included an amazing fan montage video of the Cheerleader Story Arc. For those that haven't seen the show it's a very good video that shows the characters without any spoilers.

Heroes:.... click for moreCollapse )

The series has just gone into winter hiatus for 6 weeks. Because the popularity took NBC incredibly off guard and they had to order up a second half for a half season order. The show is effectively a huge comic book. The NBC Website has taken the Matrix route and invited comic book writers and artists to attach short (under 8 page) comics to the main story.

I was introduced to the story by jumping in at the next to the last episode of the half season. "6 months earlier" which was interesting because it might be the only one that could be watched out of context. Last night we watched it again IN context and it is a mind blower.

The show is available on iTunes. It is also rebroadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel. The pilot episode will re-air on Friday, December 15.

It's altogether worth the hour out of your week.


Edit: And here's something I never do. A shout/out tagging. yendi and theferrett both need to see Heroes at least so I can hear their reviews.

Andrei in the office

Ironic Spam

One of the latest waves of spam has been "Penny Stocks"

These are spams for small companies that are traded on markets. The only problem is that the Markets that you've heard of... "Dow Jones, Nasdaq, AMEX, etc" won't touch them because they are (if you'll forgive me) small change.

Pretty much any stock trading under $1.50 per share is just too damned volatile to consider.

One of my Penny Stock Spams was for a company that specializes in new technology.

their tech?
...a leader in the fight against email based viruses, spam, and outbound threats of corporate espionage....

Trading at $0.11 per share on August 2 they haven't actually traded any shares since.
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Gnostics go PING!

Happy 93rd to our little 9/3

aiden_freeman is 93 days today. And as of about 3 days ago, he is pretty much able to be sat up and hold a sitting position.