November 20th, 2006

Bunny Thwump

RFC - Superstitions...

RFC means request for comments...

I am really not a superstitious person. I do practice some superstitions but it is for my own entertainment. In otherwords... I do them because they amuse me... Not because they control me and I am afraid I need to. Sure... I will not say the name of the evil Scottish play or throw salt over my shoulder. But I do it for fun.

But there is one growing superstition that has me quite horribly locked into inaction. I need to return to a dentist. Very muchly. However, every time I go to a dentist something amazingly horrible happens.

I've been laid off of a job while in the dentist chair. I've been bilked of over $7K by a dentist. I've had a dentist remove teeth that weren't supposed to be removed and bridgework blown off.

I've had an orthodontist ... no.. you really don't want to know that one.

Fact is.. I have rational dental-phobia. And yes.. I'm certain everyone here can suggest dentists in and around my area who are... "Really great." What I need to do is find a way to let go of this experiential mindset that disaster will occur if I go to get my mouth taken care of.

This is horribly frustrating and bothersome to have something like this have control over me.

Bunny Thwump

Superstitions clarification

I'm not afraid of being at the dentist. I've gotten to the point where I can sit thru some dental procedures than make people really squick.

For me, I'm afraid of having gone. My life has been rather upended more than once... 'Right after'.

This is along the lines of, Whenever you see a cat with a striped tail, someone in your family dies. You're honestly not afraid of a cat with a striped tail, but at the same time.. the idea of going to get one is just like tempting fate.

Thus, the whole, "Gentle doctor", "Valium", "Breathing exercises" is not the suggestions I am looking for. This is deeper and more psychological/magickal if you will.