September 18th, 2006

Andrei in the office

I am Jack's Current Obsession

Why yes, I'm stuck on a Muscial.

As a director you pick things apart. In a strange way it's almost like trying to craft the perfect ceremonial ritual. Making sure that every word and phrase is intentional. Finding new life every time you look at a script.

There are times that I wish I had a far better instrument to work with. I consider myself a passable singer, adequate drummer, and overacting ham on stage. I love to be out there, I love to sing along to musicals, and give me a drum circle any night.

But I will honestly not feel like any great shakes out there.

The reason I feel this way is because I have faith in my senses. I often feel that I can spot talent a mile off. One of my dearest and closest friends in college I picked out of a 'group of extras' in a children's production while doing promotional work. She pulled my focus the first time I saw her and she became one of the more memorable actresses the department ever had.

I can see it, I can feel it, and 9 times out of 8 I can pull it out of a performer.

My current obsession (which is now going on several months) is RENT. It amuses me how many people I know who don't get this show. I've heard complaints that too many people are sick in the film. I've heard complaints that there's no compassion for people not willing to pay rent. I just shake my head.

If only this were in open domain I'd snap it up for a production in Seattle. Probably do it solely to raise money for AIDS awareness or SPCC.

So much of my life (as previously mentioned) has mirrored aspects of that show. Even today... there are glimpses.

It is amazing to consider that I am so different from the person I was at 19.... and yet.. so much the core of who I am.

It has been a very long day. I have seen many people audition for a show today. I think I have my choices; but I am only one voice. We shall see how that plays out over time.

"I hear you, I see you, I see it... my film"

ask me about my prequel.

Okay. Sleep now. There is more in my head to put to journal soon.
Andrei in the office

Normally, I don't embed...

I admit to being a Weird Al fan. I think he is an amazingly talented satirist. Most people only recognize him for his song parodies. Eat it, Yoda, and Saga Begins come to mind.

Personally, I am a huge fan of his Style Parodies. These are original songs that just happen to sound like "A doo wop song" or "The B-52s" or "Devo" without satirizing any one song.

His newest album is due to hit the streets in just over a week. From what I've heard on it so far... it may be his best to date.

I discovered this last night when theferrett embedded the video for "White and Nerdy" (Lyrics here, should pop up in a different window)
{Spoilers behind a cut at the end of this post}

But this isn't what brings me to post today. Oh, no no no no no.

In probably the most vicious thing he's written since "One More Minute" or "You Don't Love Me Anymore", Al has made a statement about the music industry in "Don't Download This Song"

The song is unbelievably powerful on its own. Style, lyrics, music. But that just wasn't enough. Al brought in animator Bill Plympton. Plympton is the creator of the award winning "How to Kiss" and "25 ways to quit smoking" and ever disturbing "Your Face"

With Plympton's often surreal and usually disturbing imagery the song reaches an even higher level.

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Oh Yes, the spoilers for "White and Nerdy..."
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Andrei in the office

Voice Post:

178K 0:50
“I never thought I would say this, but I have found a great benefit to having a child. I *love* going to the pediatrician's office. I never thought I would ever say this; to me the pediatrician's office was a house of dread with cold stethoscopes and lots & lots of needles. But the pediatrician's office changes into something incredibly new with a baby. 1) It's the place where you get this validation that no, you're not killing the child, plus the pediatrician has this magic bag with which anything that *could* be wrong with the child he can fix within 48 hours. He goes to bat for you, and then there's the lobby, a general schmorgasboard of other children that you can look at and go, "ohhh."

I never thought I'd say this, but the pediatrician's office? It's a good place.

Oh my.”

Transcribed by: inaxismundi