September 6th, 2006

Andrei in the office

Wait... a Non-Aiden post?!!?

Don't worry. There will be many, many (trying not to do a Police Academy impression) posts concerning Aiden.

I'm basically spending more time online. This should scare those of you who know me. But, since I have to basically spend lots of time sitting near and watching the baby, having the computer on my lap makes for a good way to pass the time.

This may even evolve into me getting more work done sooner.

So, checking the email...

This was sent to me by a co-worker from my short lived days as a Microsoft contractor.

It is unbelievably well done.

When Flash Animator has to deal with his own creation.

Working link: on Apolo.Net

Edit 060906: You want sound if available ;)
Edit 060907: Added a new link with a mirror on my system.
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Andrei in the office

Opening the doors

So, many people have asked... So here it is.

We are more than happy to have visitors at this point.

That being said, I'd like to hit a few points.

- Please call, email, IM, or at least touch base with me before showing up.
I'm fairly reachable via cell, home phone, IM, email, etc.

- jnanacandra had a Dural Membrane Injury through the process.
This means that she may at times be very quiet and sensitive to light. It doesn't happen very often and we hope it to be gone by Monday. Basically, it's a realllllly bad headache.

- jnanacandra is nursing. Deal with it ;)

- aiden_freeman seems to spend most of his time asleep or nursing. Expect cute... but not much of a show.

- EDIT:: If you are, think you are, or think you might be sick... Don't come over. ;) (Thank you blk)

But... we've been 'in' a lot and like seeing people.