September 5th, 2006

Gnostics go PING!

You know... I really don't want to read too much into it....

Why yes, it is 2:30 in the morning.

Laugh while you can monkey-people.

So, most of my Aiden posting will be ghost writing for the boy until he tells me it's really dumb and takes over the journal himself.

But I have to point out the post I just made. I know fully that 105% of his motions at this point are utterly random... He's playing with synapses and muscles to sort of take the new body out for a joy ride and see what it can do. Or in his case what it can do do.

(Wait for audience groan)

Now, he's got about 2 gestures he does randomly from time to time. jnanacandra and I found them amusing but were willing to admit they were just random coincidences. Well he picked up a third gesture this evening. It is the one most likely to be done by a baby. But when taken in consideration with his birthday and his other two favourite gestures... it get's realllllly spooky.

Here's his post with picture.
Andrei in the office

Humour: things to pass the time

So.. obviously I have a lot of down time at all hours of the morning, night, afternoon, evening, whenever.

So... I looked at the Onion for the first time in 'idontknowhowmany'

There was a head line I had to read twice. This headline was a joke grenade. Effectively I looked at it, and then it went off, and it just got funnier the more I thought about it.

Long-Winded Serial Killer Runs Out Of Forehead Space Again
Andrei in the office

Well gosh, I'm posting about fatherhood. Who saw that coming...


Maybe it's not time yet to celebrate.. But I am sleeping. Both of us are. It's not the 6-9 hrs that we're used to. But there are sleeps and naps.

I feel rested. I could use more.. who couldn't.

I'm taking lots of pictures of the boy. I finally got one I'm really happy with on his journal. I made his journal paid so I could add pictures.

Personally, I could really use a shave and a shower.

And lunch.

But it's fun. I like it. I have a baby.

jnanacandra gets this blissed look on her face once they get over the latch of nursing. It's wonderful to watch.

At some point I may go back to other kinds of posting.