July 3rd, 2006

Gnostics go PING!

Thought for the day...

So... if there is a creature known as the HGA: Holy Guardian Angel; which we might be able to define as the perfected self that tries to lead us toward the path of self perfection...

Does it follow that there might be an IDD (Infernal Destructive Demon): Which we might be able to define as the imperfected self that raises our weaknesses, ego, and makes us lower than we are.

How would we recognize the difference?
Andrei in the office

Public post for one person

I like doing random acts of kindness.

For example.. one of my all time favourite people is fiannaharpar. We go waaaay back.

There are stories upon stories.

So, I decided to do something for her. I wanted to give her some of my happier weird memories that we share.

So here they are:
(For the most part, these come from YouTube)
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

I think I got the order correct.
Andrei in the office

Voice Post:

148K 0:42
“Well I hope this records, because I seem to be losing signal at the moment. I made a voice post about a week ago and a lot of people commented that it was good to hear my voice, which... was pleasantly surprising and well received. I decided to make a post today because for some reason I've been having good radio voice unintentionally. It's just I've woke up this week and my voice said "Hi! You'll have radio announcer voice all week long. So try new Pringles." So I decided I was going to make the post and just record good radio voice week for posterity, and continue to decide whether or not podcast is in my future. Hmm, must contemplate. Bye bye.”

Transcribed by: ichae