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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

09:54 am: Thought for the day...  10 comments
10:46 am: Public post for one person  5 comments
03:20 pm: Voice Post:  4 comments
10:50 am: Yisgadal v'yiskadash sh'mey rabah. Amein. B'almah dee v'ray kheer-utey,  12 comments
10:43 am: I guess it's that time again
10:12 am: Memetime: House of the Rising Meme  2 comments
12:17 pm: Hmmn, you know.. I actually liked Washington...  2 comments
06:01 pm: Voice Post: Voice Post for LiveJournal on July 11th, Take 1
10:40 pm: Formatted Text: Voice Post for LiveJournal on July 11th, Take 1  5 comments
09:02 am: Obituary  4 comments
11:16 am: Your video link of the day... Andrei's upbringing  3 comments
01:31 pm: Short and sweet... but this is nice.  15 comments
02:14 pm: Video: Jon Stewart is God...  2 comments
02:36 pm: Wait... wait.. stop me if you've heard this one... A realization  4 comments
09:46 am: I just like the sound of it  1 comment
08:32 am: First the drama...  5 comments
08:33 am: ...then the resolution  1 comment
10:07 am: Sign language and my love  3 comments
10:57 am: Well, Andrei.. How many disconnected words can you put together in a scary concept?  3 comments
11:13 am: Hail Austin...  9 comments
11:05 pm: Veridian room beware...  29 comments
01:26 pm: Post one of 3: Public. Concerning yesterday's post
01:58 pm: Post 3 of 3... Don't you wish I could give the details now.  3 comments
12:04 am: God bless you, yendi  2 comments
02:25 pm: Well, I might as well make it public.  4 comments
07:14 pm: Your video post for today  10 comments
10:23 am: Quick Video Post of the day  9 comments