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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Voice Post: BAM Wisdom

491K 2:27
“I'm driving a lot now that I am working again, and I feel badly that I can't transpose, or find people who can transpose sometimes rather lengthy posts, especially on the cell phone because they give out.

Since I'm driving a lot, I'm listening to AM radio a lot, and one of the things I love listening to is <i>spiritual programming.</i> I've often joked that if you'd asked me how spiritual I could be ten years ago, I would have laughed in your face, but now I find it very, very interesting to listen to.

I just heard the "Bible Answer Man" and he made an interesting observation. He said that a child before the age of seven, up to about six years of age, really doesn't separate mom & dad from the image of god... and that, the treatment the child receives in the first six years will be how it views ultimate authority. After that, from about seven to twelve, the Bible Answer Man said that a child is very story-driven, and has **** what's fair, why children are always saying, "well that's not fair." After twelve to eighteen, now the child moves into viewing the world through their role models and the examples their role models set, and making mistakes when their role models fail them.

In general, whether or not any of this information is true, false, based on fact, based on theory, it is coming from spiritual leadership, which is often driven on a crusade, and train the children into mainstream religion's thought. But nonetheless, it does give an interesting food for thought, especially when you're dealing with a Thelemic point of view, which often draws deity from self, rather than deity from external.

I just wanted to somehow make a note of this because it did get my attention and it is food for thought of course as I'm approaching that transition in my life where I will be bringing up a child and possibly inflicting spirituality on it.... so... this is my post, it's longer-than-average [ed: no it isn't] and it's audio, which I realize deprives those who can't listen to it, but maybe we'll get it transposed, or transcribed, or whatever that trans- verb is. It just got my attention. I will be making more posts, most likely.

So that is all for now.”

Transcribed by: inaxismundi