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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

11:15 am: I have a phone screen.  17 comments
06:03 pm: I think it went well  4 comments
11:49 am: Annoying quick note  2 comments
10:56 pm: Mercury Retrograde? Oh Yeah  4 comments
10:00 am: Offensive Funny Quote of the week  7 comments
01:41 pm: I'm just going to post the link and let you decide if you wish to comment  4 comments
01:45 pm: A movie recommendation  6 comments
12:11 pm: Job interview tomorrow.  14 comments
10:05 pm: In case I've missed anyone  12 comments
08:52 am: MEMEtime: Stolen by everyone and their cousin  4 comments
09:15 am: Is it just me?  1 comment
09:39 am: And since 3 posts isn't enough: IM of the morning  3 comments
04:05 pm: I am so switching to IMolatR
11:02 am: Work solicitations. Translation; AGGGGH!  9 comments
04:05 pm: Since I am not currently emplyed full-time in my industry  10 comments
04:59 pm: OTO is still Agape!  4 comments
11:18 am: Oh it is on! Magickal war? So be it!  8 comments
08:56 am: Something I forgot to post  9 comments
09:53 am: I have just mailed my Monday interview followup mail
10:25 am: Followup: Job search  13 comments
12:02 pm: Dear Mr. President...  1 comment
05:42 pm: MEMETime: iTunes, your magick 8-ball  1 comment
08:06 pm: There is a doctor in the house  4 comments
08:46 am: My Heros!  1 comment
11:54 am: Calling Computer geeks
04:41 pm: Spring is here, suh-pring is here....  1 comment
04:52 pm: An after thought: Tom Lehrer  3 comments
01:04 am: Yes, it is late...  2 comments
01:39 am: An afterthought: Don't shoot the puppy  6 comments
04:19 pm: Great more userpicts.  2 comments
11:46 pm: OH MY GODS! WOW  8 comments
09:30 am: Some amazingly good news for my personal business
03:06 pm: I love my life...  1 comment
03:30 pm: In the words of Steve Jobs.. There's just one more thing  3 comments
04:25 pm: A really good meme.  8 comments
10:59 pm: Warning: Yahoo Phish on the make  6 comments
04:14 pm: Well, I guess that is that  20 comments
10:50 am: MEMEtime: April Fools?  3 comments